Postpartum Hair Journey

my postpartum hair journey (september 2020)

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So I dropped the ball again, being lazy. I wore this bun for 3 weeks. Big mistake. Anyway, I got through it. With another trim. Because despite using my fingers to remove shed hair, the tangles were just too much. So now I’m measuring about 12 inches all around. I know for sure the split ends are at least 85% gone, it’s just the single strand knots that (rain or shine) magically appear on the ends. This is what has me contemplating chemical straightening but I know I’ll regret it. Especially if the fall out isn’t over yet. I try hard not to be attached to my hair despite the years it took to grow it as long as I did before I gave birth. Looks like I’ll be rocking my own hair for a while. Anyway, here’s the regimen (more-so I don’t forget):

• Parting (2”x2” thick) pieces of hair, remove shed hair with fingers (dry hair) + stretch it out and run fine tooth comb along last few inches until it stops + trim right above the comb (it was 2-3 inches for me)
• remove shed hair with fingers (dry hair) + section hair into 4 with clips
• Rinse and shampoo the roots bringing the suds down the length (section by section) + squeeze out excess water
• Remove shed hair with fingers (damp hair) + apply deep conditioner and twist sections
• Process (I was tired and left it overnight)
• Rinse out conditioner (in twists) + wrap in T-shirt (to soak up excess water)
• Apply oil spray (peppermint oil) to scalp (in between twists)
• Unravel one twist at a time, remove shed hair with fingers (again, damp hair) + apply hair cream and Shea butter from ends to roots and braid (plaits).
• Air dry (overnight + next day)
• Unravel braids + wear it up or down

So, after finger detangling 4 times, I decided to buy a detangling (aka knock-off Denman) brush. If I’m going to continue the effort to maintain this mane, I might as well use some sort of tool. Just to get through it faster. And so my braid outs look like the crochet extensions… lol.

Braid out results.
My new stash.
  • I’m now measuring 12 inches. Did I already mention that?
  • Shampoo: Eden Bodyworks, Peppermint Tea Tree Natural Shampoo, $8.47 (8oz) at Amazon
  • Oil Spray: Eden Bodyworks, Peppermint Tea Tree Natural Hair Oil. $8.28 (4oz) at Amazon
  • Deep Conditioner: Miche, Indulge Deep Conditioner, $20.00 (8oz) at their website
  • Styling Cream: Miche, Bounce Curl Defining Cream, $22.00 (8.5oz) at their website
  • Edge Control: Curls, Passion Fruit Curl Control Paste, $9.99 (4oz) at Amazon
  • Cantu Detangle Ultra Glide (aka Knockoff Denman) Brush, $7.95 at Amazon
  • So I Love this deep conditioner! Smells like airhead candy, same as the styling cream, Results are phenomenal (moisturizing), and somehow I only used half of the 8oz jar (could be because I have slightly less hair) so I get two uses out of it which is a plus!
  • I Love the shampoo! Wish I tried this brand out sooner, and the oil. I love the light, tingly feeling on my scalp with both products, and the shampoo doesn’t leave my hair stripped (which I have never experienced with a shampoo before).
  • I’ve been using this same jar of edge control for a few years now off and on. I love the results when the weather isn’t so humid. It works best in dry weather. And it smells juicy!
  • I think my braid out results will be even better once I use the “Denman” brush to remove 100% of the shed hair.
9/7/20 – Trim #2 on the left side. Dry finger detangling on the right side. Not as dramatic this time but for only 3 weeks, I think I’m still losing more than normal.
9/13/20 – After shampoo and deep conditioning. I still feel like there’s more shed hair left. Excited to use the brush!

It’s important to me to document this journey, as I’ve never experienced my hair falling out before. And I’d like a reference so I know what to expect the next time around (if there is a next time). Check out my First Hair Post.

Hopefully I can deep condition again before the month is out.

signing out, Aren.



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