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5 differences between being broke and being poor

Hey babes! Welcome back to the blog. Today, I’m sharing five things that I believe are the difference between someone who is broke and someone who is poor. The perspective here is that both situations are a mentality and these five differences display how an individual will think and act with each mentality. This is my first postpartum post, and the first post to have a video version. I hope you like this upgrade! Any who, let’s get right into these 5 differences.

#1. Will.

The poor person says “I can’t.” The broke person says “I can when..” They never speak in a way so there is no room for improvement at all.

#2. Stagnation.

The poor person allows themselves to stay poor permanently. They put themselves in a box, which inevitably dooms them to eternal stagnation. The broke person allows themselves to be broke for a day, a week, a month, or even a couple of months but NEVER permanently. They see broke as a TEMPORARY situation. And they’re ALWAYS working to hustle their way out.

#3. Optimism.

The poor person sees the glass as half empty and will not seek out opportunities for self improvement, because they don’t believe the opportunities exist. They honestly do not believe they can change their situation. The broke person uses their brokenness as motivation to get “unbroke”. They know that in order to achieve prosperity, they have to create the opportunity, and will seek out the tools to help them do so.

#4. Vision.

The poor person sets no goals. Their mindset is “what’s the point? I’m poor. No one will notice me. No one will buy what I’m selling. I won’t ever be discovered. I don’t have enough money for that. I don’t have the connections for that. These are just the cards I was dealt. That’s life.” The broke person will use vision boards, and Ted talks, podcasts,  motivational groups and mentors whether online or offline, whatever they need to keep them on track. These things provide accountability and motivation. A broke person knows this.

#5. Ignorance.

Last but not least, The poor person doesn’t know why they are poor. They don’t know it is a frame of mind. Therefore, they blame everyone and everything but themselves. The broke person, despite their situation, takes accountability. They know why they are broke and will devise a plan to fix it. They know the key is unlocking their mind to creativity. Therefore they are always busy, working on one idea after the next until they are broke no more.

If you liked this post, tell me in the comments below if you’ve made the mistake of calling yourself poor or you know someone that has, and what helped you change your mindset? Or how are you helping them change their mindset? Also, make sure you check out the video version and leave a comment there as well. Until next time, keep working to be the best version of yourself. Be better than you were yesterday.


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