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Taking time to rest

I posted this to Instagram and Facebook earlier today:

Hi. Those of you who are intent on following me because you actually like what I’m doing, thank you. I want this white square to represent a sort of “code” between us. So, fun fact about me: 

I’m actually an introvert. 

I know, shocking… 

If you suffer Frequent social exhaustion then you understand burnout (it’s the same). 

There’s no manager or PR person to hide behind. It’s all me. Building this from the ground up. So when I post this white square, I want you to know I’m surrendering to a mental/emotional/spiritual call to rest. 

Social media can be a bit much, but in this day in age, it’s hard to make a good living without it. So it’s the introverts struggle to find balance. Find the oasis within, and then return to the surface to give more to the world. 

If you’re like me, you love to feel close and intimate connections, so, let’s chat. How are you keeping your inner peace in such an increasingly virtual world? 

Be back soon. -Aren

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