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To begin, let me share that I am a writer. Always have been. Songs, poetry, scripts, and the like. So to post a YouTube video just to chat would be extremely… awkward. And very choppy (editing). Recently I started to shift in my desires for this brand. Initially I made it a point to box myself into the niche of personal finance because the catalyst that started this blog was my past and current struggles as a low income college student with debt (mainly from college, but some credit card debt). I really wanted to share my lessons so you could avoid making the same mistakes I did. But then that chapter of being a college student closed (I never graduated), I embarked on a string of entrepreneurial failures (maybe I should do a blog series on this), met my partner in life, birthed the love of my life, and consequently hit a brick wall at the age of 24. Quarter life crisis.

I’m thinking about my end goal here. To influence. To make an impact. To teach. To create.

I’m thinking about my end goal here. To influence. To make an impact. To teach. To create. The truth is, I’m still figuring out what avenue to take. I know one thing. As an introvert (low key ambivert I guess) I really enjoy doing these interviews. I’ve never been this social before (DM’ing, commenting, sharing, posting etc). And it’s really helping me to connect and make friends (I met you, after all). I love storytelling. But also love privacy. But I’m 24. Seems like this age group prefers video content over written  content. So I attempted to adapt and give you what I think you want. However, the video atmosphere, with creating and then promoting, made me lose touch with the initial brand mission. I realize (especially with the  current socioeconomic global climate) that I don’t want to talk about money anymore. Or at least not box myself into that sector. I’m taking more interest in career paths, in retrospect to all the decisions I could’ve made in the past, regarding my own career possibilities. We’re all trying to figure out our next steps. And sometimes it helps to just see someone on our socioeconomic level, doing their thing and being successful.

So I’m entering a re-brand to become a connector.

So I’m entering a re-brand to become a connector. To connect you to real time stories of people (just like you and me), following their dreams whether in entrepreneurship or in the traditional work environment. I’ve always wanted to create films and documentaries. (I started following Matt D’Avella around 2015 then he just blew up lol. I really love his film style, color grading, scene cuts and all. I also find Shonda Rhimes and Ava Duvernay to be powerhouse influencers in my film aspirations, and hope to interview them one day.) So, I guess instead of trying to write the perfect bio, (I hate bios), I will get back to what I originally intended to do… write. And my “about section” will be a string of (Let’s have a sit down) posts to connect us better. So, I’m diving back into the blog. Back into my element. If you want to be friends, subscribe (to my blog). I hate that MailChimp forces you to verify your subscription via email… they should just let you enter your email and be done with it. But until I figure out the most efficient way to handle the newsletter thing, please check your email after subscribing, and verify your subscription. Thanks for embarking on this journey with me. Next interview coming soon. 

So it’s 3:55am, Thursday July 30th. 2020. 

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  • Reply
    July 30, 2020 at 3:02 pm

    How did you get yourself out of that quarter life crisis? I think we all have experienced that post college blues even more so no with the corona boogie man looking in the shadows. What got you out of the dumps and into your life’s mission?

    • Reply
      Aren Lodge
      July 30, 2020 at 3:17 pm

      Hi Bryce, I think this is a good topic for a blog post. I really need to think about this and put my words together because frankly, I’m right at the tail end of the crisis. No rainbows just yet. BUT, how I even got to this point, was constantly coming back to my natural talent which is to express myself and encourage others through my words. And also forcing myself to come out of my shell and connect with people in person (pre-rona lol) and online (currently). Thanks so much for commenting! See you around. 😉

  • Reply
    July 30, 2020 at 11:11 pm

    Keep going don’t stop !
    See you around 😉

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