About me.

Welcome to my blog. I write about career building and my journey as a creative.

How I’ve made a living so far

2014 (age 18): first job as a deli clerk in a grocery store making $8/hour 

Second job as a seasonal picker at a large Retail Warehouse 

2015 (age 19): Third job attending buffet and cleaning dining room hall at my University 

First failed business selling handmade perfume oils on Etsy

Second failed business hosting events (natural hair and skincare meetup)

Fourth job as a hostess and busser at a small chain restaurant 

2016 (age 20): Fifth job as a cashier and kitchen assistant at a mom and pop/small chain fast food restaurant

2017 (age 21): Sixth job as a sales associate in apparel and cashier at a major department store 

*got my first apartment (age 21)

2018 (age 22): seventh job as a cashier/team member then manager at a large fast food pizza chain 

Third failed business hosting events (arts/entertainment/ small business expos)

*met my SO (age 22)

2019 (age 23): Eighth job as a retail sales associate at a large chain department store

*moved into an apartment with my SO (age 23)

*pregnant (age 23)

Fourth failed business blogging (first personal finance, then food)

2020 (age 24): unemployed

*gave birth and voluntarily took an (unpaid) extended maternity leave 

Fifth failed business attempt media company (YouTube and blog interviews of upcoming entrepreneurs)

Sixth failed business attempt selling handmade personal skincare online

*postpartum depression 

2021 (age 25): ninth job as sandwich maker in chain fast food sub shop (not Subway)

Tenth job as pizza maker in small chain pizza/beer restaurant

Eleventh job as manager at fast food gourmet burger concept restaurant

*got my driver’s license and my first car (age 25)

Twelfth job as front desk associate at franchise hotel

Thirteenth job as cashier and busser at regional chain fast food restaurant

*Got life and health insurance license (age 25)

Fourteenth job as remote licensed insurance agent 

*lots of mental health issues this year, took the whole year off from social media and entrepreneurship. 

Currently: So here we are in November 2021. I’m 26 now, and working to achieve some lofty goals in the next 1, 4, 10, and 20 years. 

This is my 4th or 5th blog. Takes time to get the vision just right. But the goal here is to give young women a realistic inside look into what it takes to start from nothing and reach ultimate self fulfillment- in career, in relationships, in motherhood. 

One thing I’ve learned is at 26, life is still just beginning. Every day is chance after chance to try something new to find yourself, your thing, your groove. The media makes life look glamorous and easy, and makes us think we should either be millionaires or making six figures by 25. I had that crazy goal for myself. Until I turned 25 and realized I didn’t achieve it. Then depression set in. In hindsight it was ridiculous. The expectations I set for myself were unforgiving. But now a year later, with a couple handfuls of therapy sessions under my belt, and a consciously curated stream of online inspiration (not from social media), I’m prioritizing self care, and dropping gems along the way. I encourage you to stay a while.

-Bare it all and bloom. 

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