I'm Taylor! Brand photographer and business coach based in Wilmington, North Carolina. I'll help you how to create a knockout brand and show up confidently online.

You can stop looking... You've found your photographer!

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 beautiful story.

I will help you elevate, live fabulous & inspire with your

I'm aren. personal mentor, biz coach, & almost DAILY bakery-GOER.


I get to mentor women all over the world and teach them how to step into THEIR CALLING and LIVE THEIR LIFE on better terms.


Got myself together and moved from Montgomery, AL to GA. 


The worst year of my life. It almost ended and was a pivotal moment for me. Shout out to postpartum!


Gave birth to my firstborn, right at the beginning of the pandemic.


Started my self-education in digital marketing.


Officially dropped out of college after transferring and attempting twice.


Moved from Upstate NY to Alabama.


Started my first online business at age 19 selling handmade perfume oils!

My Timeline

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Meet your new pivot BFF...

Being mentored by me is like hanging out with your girlfriend. Consider me your big sis, little sis, or just sis!

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what my mentorship is like...

But the way it all unraveled... let's just say I had to start writing my own story first.

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My passion for pep talks(cheesy, I know) is how I wound up a mentor...

I wanted to make an impact from day one.

Fast facts about Aren

different countries my tribe lives in


happy mentees


Happy membership enrollments


consistent growth - 1k+ email subscribers, 1k+ Facebook Group Members, 1k+ Youtube subscribers

2 years of

Any flavor HALF & HALF ICED TEA! And, with a dash of lemondade at brunch! ๐Ÿ˜‰

My drink of choice is...

Marilyn Monroe โ€” 100%. Love her elegance!

My style icon is...

morning walks (+ yoga) on the beach with my daughter!

The best part of my day is...


What Would the Rockefellers Do


Caribbean, Italian & Thai

my favorite things

โ€” Rhetta S.

"The best to do it too!"

โ€” Betty C.

"You'll never need to look for another mentor after working with Aren!"

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You deserve to feel (and look) confident in your photos. From big milestones like your wedding day to the everyday like a brand photoshoot. I've got you covered!

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