New Years Resolution.

Happy holidays! January is right around the corner, and conveniently I’ve been getting a head start laying out my goals for the new year. After age 25, life seems to get more serious. You see the long road ahead staring back at you and the crossroad right beneath your feet. What path are you going to take?

If I hadn’t shared this before, I’m a creative. A writer to be exact. Since I was a small child. And I’ve spent my life in a ” rubber-band” relationship with this passion of mine. I decided to create a career vision board for myself, and an inspiration board. While researching notable writers for my inspiration board, I realized the trend was everyone got started around the age I am now, and got their break much older. And here I was thinking If I was going to be a successful writer, it should’ve been ten years ago. Anyway, I’m done running away. I’ve made my resolution.

At some point I’ll dive into my writing past, but in summary, I write stories, poems, and songs. Some of my poems have been adapted into songs. But for the purpose of goal setting, I’m an author and a songwriter. In order to make this real to the world (it’s already real to me), I have to publish tangible work. I have my idea for my book, well it’s a trilogy. It just needs to be written. And I have dozens of songs written already (2 were copyrighted last year) they just need to be recorded. My ultimate goal is to write the trilogy, have it adapted into a film or TV series (whichever the producers think would resonate best), and have my songs included in the score (sync licensing). Let’s break it down into smaller (S.M.A.R.T) goals.

  1. Have my first of the three books written and self-published by my 27th birthday.
  2. Record one song per month, and have 11 uploaded to SoundCloud and 1 to a sync licensing platform by my 27th birthday.
  3. Continue to work my day job.

The reason for the birthday deadline: I just think the best gift I can give to myself is tangible evidence of me achieving milestones toward my ultimate goals. I don’t have a desire for anything material, really.

So there we have it. I’m back to my creative self (took a long year off). And I’m excited to prove to myself that I can do this.

I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

-Bare it all and bloom.

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