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Why I wish I never went to college.

What marked adulthood for me was struggling to pay these bills. It’s hard for me to make this (title) statement with surety because I’ve developed very much on this journey. In a positive way. But you have to choose…

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The gap. (That no one talks about)

Frustration kills me every time someone learns I’m “taking time off” from college to pay back money I owe. The reply is always “you didn’t get financial aid”? Or “why don’t you apply for financial aid”?  YES. I have…

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How to make a budget for college

If you’ve read my post “the mindset you need to have for college (when you’re broke af)” , this is part 2. I’m going to explain the main points in more detail. First, go ahead and read that post…

Ask Aren

How to not “f” your life up at 17

Advice to my 17 year old self. And anyone else who wants to learn from my mistakes.  Perception vs reality is a crazy thing. When people think you have all your ducks in a row (and you really don’t),…

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