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Jada’s Diary Book Giveaway!

Hey Babes! Watch the interview below with Author Jo Cabey on her journey as an author and Wellness advocate. Her debut fiction novel, Jada’s Diary, will be released September 12, 2020 as paperback and e-book. I am purchasing 5…

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5 differences between being broke and being poor

Hey babes! Welcome back to the blog. Today, I’m sharing five things that I believe are the difference between someone who is broke and someone who is poor. The perspective here is that both situations are a mentality and…


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Welcome back! I decided to take a maternity leave from this blog to get settled in my new routine. Now that baby girl is two months old, and I’ve gotten used to being a mom, I’m getting back into…

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5 ways to recession proof your finances

There’s no way to completely mitigate all financial risk during a recession. All of us working adults have bills, and many of us have kids. So long as there is expense, there is risk. The current “illness” scare (which…

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