Two things happened today

Happy holidays! I hope this week hasn’t been too hectic for you. Today’s actually been pretty cool. Two things happened. One, I bought the Acoustica Mixcraft 9 Recording Studio Software. It’s supposed to be like Garage Band for PC. I found Garage Band to be pretty easy to use, I just didn’t like using it on my phone since the screen was so small and I didn’t have any other equipment plugged into it. And two, remember I said I was trying to connect with a certain producer on LinkedIn? Well, his partner accepted my LinkedIn invite! If anything, I see that as a nod from above to keep going. But, I’m not pitching myself just yet. I need to build my resume first. So, getting this software is step one to getting my first project done. This way I have a body of work to show which really helps with networking. When you’re just getting started, industry people don’t know you from Adam. So you have to give them an idea of who you are and what you do. You do that by showing your work.

Anyway, I’ll keep the blog fresh with updates as the work comes along with the music project and the book. This decade is flying by! What do you and yours have planned for the holidays? I’ll be in Atlanta with family. Be safe and stay warm!

Bare it all and bloom.

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